Maintain Productivty

How can you maintain productivity?

A fantastic finished project completed on time can be marred by small incidents along the way.

For example - an unexpected disruption to staff is likely to be remembered far longer than the huge achievement of finishing on time.



Shift work and working out of hours is a simple way to either accelerate a project program or reduce the effects of more disruptive works. Noisy, dusty and highly distracting activities, where possible, can be carried out when the space is at its lowest point of use. Checking that this will be possible early on is highly advisable. Having trade contractors who are willing and able to work flexible hours is critical, as is ensuring that you will have proper access to buildings, security and other resources that might be needed.

Find A Swing Space

Having an area into which you can decant whole teams or departments can help the process flow more smoothly. In an office at its capacity finding internal swing space can be difficult. It is sometimes helpful to look into renting an off-site short-term space and moving in one team or department for the duration of the works. This helps make the process smoother for the group in the swing space, and provides breathing space for those who remain in the building.

Relocating to a new space

Forward planning is essential - communicate with all involved staff members give plenty of notice of a move date to declutter, clear their desks & label all their belongings.

Ensuring the correct power, data & lighting requirements have been installed is vital.

Double decking disaster recovery systems is worthwhile to ensure you could cope with a sudden loss of power or disruption to the computer or communications network.

Moves can happen over a weekend, we can organise your relocation & IT management

Your staff will want to arrive on Monday at their designated workstation and be able to seamlessly get on with their working day.

CBD Projects completes many projects each year from several thousand to many millions per project.

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